Did Caroline Flack Just Reveal Her Fave Love Island Couple?

If there’s one thing that makes Caroline Flack the perfect Love Island host, it’s the way she gets so passionate about the islanders.

Sure, she’s never shied away from issuing a little girl power when someone gets mugged off – well, us girls have to stick up for each other, right?

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But now, it seems as though she might have let slip which couple she’s rooting for…

At least, that’s what her social media followers seem to believe.



The ITV2 host took to Twitter during a particularly emotional moment on the show, and tweeted simply: ‘Alex and Olivia’ followed by a heart emoji.

We mean, they ARE one of the hottest couples in the villa, right?

And we’re sure that your hearts also melted when the cheeky chappy finally ‘fessed up to his growing feelings for ‘Liv.

So, we totally think they’re in with a good chance of scooping the prize.


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A debate was soon sparked by Flacker’s tweet. Well, it is a topic that’s going to bring out some strong opinions, no?

Alex and Olivia seem to be getting a lot of love at the moment, with many branding them ‘winners’, and another agreeing,  ‘@carolineflack1 all the wayyy’.

Another user wrote: ‘my new favourites’.



Others disagreed, with one telling Caroline that they ‘won’t win’.

Of course, Cara and Nathan are still a firm favourite, with many hitting back with comments such as: ‘think cara and nath will win…’ 

Scott and Kady, who have just made it official, also came up quite a few times.

It’s the last week of the show (SOB), so we won’t have to wait for too long.

But there’s sure to be a few final twists along the way….