The Secret Behind Caroline Flack’s Smokin’ Hot Swimsuit Body

The former X Factor host has been flaunting her gorgeous curves on a three-month break to the US. And she credits her new healthy lifestyle to scrapping one thing from her diet...

Caroline Flack is currently living the dream, having decided to take a three-month break to California to ‘recharge her batteries’.

The former X Factor host arrived in the States last week, and since then, has been giving us ALL the envy with her sun-soaked snaps.

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Cali sun . Cuppa tea ❤️?

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But what fans couldn’t fail to notice was just how toned and fit Carolina is currently looking, namely from her smokin’ hot swimsuit snaps.

So, what’s her secret? Well, whilst we know that the presenter has massively upped her fitness game over the past six months, that’s not the only reason why…

In a caption to one of her sunny LA snaps, Caroline revealed all.

Cali life #cleanliving #sugarfree #lagunapearl ❤️

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‘Cali life #cleanliving #sugarfree #lagunapearl ❤️’, the 36-year-old wrote.

Yep, Flackers has been going sugar-free, and she’s clearly reaping the benefits. As well as a toned and taut tummy, it’s also left her with the most flawless skin ever.

Jealous, much?!

Caroline previously told You Fitness why she decided to overhaul her diet and start eating clean.

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Got me some new wheels

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‘I’d hate to think I did this for anyone else. The truth is I did this for me ­to make myself feel the very best I could and this is the way I decided to do it’, she said.

‘I’m consuming more calories now than ever before, they’re just the right calories. I’m always starving in the morning so I eat a lot for breakfast it’s usually scrambled or poached eggs, bacon, avocado, mushrooms or sometimes even steak.

‘What made the biggest difference to how I looked and felt was cutting out all sugar.’

Load out @bastille @jaimetruffles @adamfoster87

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Well, she’s definitely in the right place to continue her new, healthy lifestyle.

‘Caroline’s decided to take a break from work and is going away for three months’, an insider told The Sun about Caro’s LA break.

‘She’s worked so hard for years and she feels like she needs a break. Caroline thinks the break is going to give her time to find herself again. She will have a few meetings while she’s out there and is going to back on Love Island next year.’

We can’t wait.