Caroline Flack Is Nursing A Very Painful Arm Injury

We’re feeling pretty sorry for Caroline Flack right now.

The 35-year-old is currently nursing a painful-looking arm injury, which she showed off on Instagram with a rather wince-inducing photo last night.

Caroline posted a snap of her swollen elbow, writing the caption: ‘Shout out my broken arm . NO JOKE.’

Caroline Flack Caroline Flack’s squeamish followers won’t have been *too* impressed with this photo



Cazza’s fans were quick to send their sympathies, with one saying: ‘Owwww! Get better soon,’ and another commenting: ‘How did that happen?’

One particularly concerned follower added: ‘If its your elbow, my sister did hers on April and is still having physio on it. I hope it isn’t anything really bad xx.’

It’s not clear how exactly Caroline ended up hurting herself, but it initially looked as though she may be in recovery for quite a while.

Caroline Flack Caroline Flack seemed pretty concerned about her arm injury


This would’ve been pretty unfortunate timing, considering The X Factor live shows are due to start in a matter of weeks. Caroline presents the show with co-host Olly Murs.

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But don’t worry! It seems as though Caroline will be fit and well by the time these episodes begin.

Luckily, she hasn’t actually broken any bones. Instead, her arm is just ‘badly bruised’.

Caroline Flack and Olly Murs on The X Factor Caroline Flack will still be able to host The X Factor with Olly Murs. Phew


As Caroline’s spokesperson tells the MailOnline: ‘She is fine and her arm, though painful, is thankfully not broken.

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‘She will be absolutely fine work wise. One day’s rest and normal service will resume.’ Phew.

We were already a little bit concerned that Caroline appeared to be absent from Sunday’s Six Chair Challenge, leaving Olly to support the contestants solo.

Caroline Flack and Olly Murs Olly Murs hosted The X Factor alone on Sunday


But she’s also cleared up that mystery, Tweeting: ‘I was on the loo . Joke. I was away filming. Back next week for good with ols xx.’

Just be extra-careful for the next few months, eh Caz?!