Caroline Flack Behind-The-Scenes At X Factor Judges Houses: PICS

Caroline Flack‘s jammy job as The Xtra Factor‘s leggy host has got to be the best 9-5 in the world – just take a look at these snaps of her living it up at judges houses!

Surrounded by beautiful blue skies, endless rows of palm trees and a glittering expanse of turquoise sea, the 33-year-old presenter tweeted: “Judges houses just got reeeeeallly pretty.” You don’t say.

Clearly making the most of her exotic work trip (beats a team-bonding session at the Holiday Inn in Slough), Caroline seemed to be lapping up her luxurious surroundings as she larked about and drew lyrics in the sand with the spin-off show’s lively crew.

And in case you were wondering exactly which judge’s house this might be, well… the clue’s in the coconuts. Retweeting a post from one of the X Factor execs, Flackers then shared a snap of a mysterious bikini-clad beauty paddle boarding into the sunset, captioned: “Who would judge from a paddle board like this?”

Hmm. Looks suspiciously similar to Nicole Sherzinger‘s recent Hawaiian holiday snaps, no? Plus, Cazza’s next “I ❤ …. Kayak chick” tweet was probably a bit of a giveaway.

Just call us Sherlock!

By Robyn Munson

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