Caroline Flack And Olly Murs Finally Kiss… For Reals!

Caroline Flack had all of her fans going crazy with excitement last night when she shared a photo of what we’ve ALL been waiting for – her and Olly Murs, snogging!

Yep, after years of speculation about whether the pair were going to get it on, it looks like it’s finally happened. 

Posting a series of snaps from a photobooth at an awards ‘do, Caroline simply captioned it with a heart emoji, and in the final picture, there’s no denying that these two are kissing. For real. Naww!

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And her fans couldn’t be more excited. ‘ITS REAL’, wrote one underneath the picture. ‘I think these 2 make a lovely couple! Should of been together all along’, posted another.

X Factor viewers and fans alike have been speculating about Olly Murs and Caroline Flack’s relationship for the entire series so far. 

And now, thanks to a big revelation from the lady herself, there’s even more reason to suspect that there may be a whole lot more to their off-screen relationship than just friendship. 

Speaking to You Magazine, the 36-year-old said: Me and Olly have a lovely relationship. It’s a weird chemistry.’

‘We have the innate understanding of one another – we don’t fancy each other and yet we don’t not fancy each other.’

Anyone else a little confused? 

It doesn’t really get that much clearer either, as Caroline then adds: ‘We’re not girlfriend and boyfriend, yet we’re not totally platonic either.’

olly murs twitter caroline flack The pair are always posting snaps of each other across social media

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To add to the drama, the X Factor presenters caused a tidal wave amongst viewers during Saturday night’s show, when it looked like they were about to share a smooch live on TV.

After making their way onto the stage from opposite directions, the pair met in the centre and tilted their heads in a particularly suggestive way, no doubt playing on the romance rumours that have followed them around for years.

Picture: ITV

Just as they would have had the lean-in moment, they both turned away from each other to face the cameras, and their live show audience.

Oh, you guys.

How you tease us…