Cara De La Hoyde Asks For Some Early Pregnancy Advice

The Love Island lady has taken to Twitter to talk about her morning sickness...

Since last year’s series of Love Island came to an end (yup, how times flies) we’ve tried our very best to keep in the loop with out favourite islanders.

As such, we were left pretty devastated when the winning couple, Cara de la Hoyde and Nathan Massey, decided it was time to part ways.

Boo, say it ain’t so you two!

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However, since the sorry news of Cara ‘n’ Nath’s break-up, the pair have now announced that they are expecting a child together. A silver lining, if we ever did see one…

This news means that the former couple will be the responsible for the second Love Island tot to emerge from the ITVBe show, following 2015’s Cally and Luis’ arrival last week.

Both Cara and Nathan took to their social media accounts to confirm that they were expecting a baby- remaining adamant that whilst they are no longer a couple, they will be raising their child together.

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And, since the news broke, we’ve found ourselves entirely wrapped up in a baby whirlwind….

Could it be a mini Nathan? A mini Cara? And what on earth are they going to name the bundle of joy?!

In fact, it would appear that things are already progressing pretty darn fast- with Cara taking to Twitter to ask fellow mothers for some advice on her morning sickness.

Cara writes: ‘Why do they call in morning sickness when it lasts all day and night early night for me….any good tips ladies?’ [sic].

Many fans have been quick to reply with messages of support for the 25-year-old, including fellow Love Island mummy Cally-Jane who responded to advise Cara to try ginger tea.

Replying to the shout-out, Cara shared that she had been ‘going through a pack of ice lollies which seems to be helping’.

Whatever works, eh?!

We’re sending Cara all of our very best wishes, and hoping the morning sickness curbs soon.

Alice Perry