Cara And Nathan Say The ‘L’ Word On Love Island

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are definitely one of the most popular couples in the Love Island villa.

Seasoned fans of the ITV2 show will probably be reminded of last year’s Jon and Hannah (and that ‘rainbow’ comment. Sigh) when they look at this pairing.

And we’re totally obsessed with them.

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Coupling up on the very first day, we’ve watched the highs and lows of their relationship play out on screen. And last night, they hit a new milestone.


It was Nathan’s birthday, and he was treated to a FaceTime with his sister. Cara wasted no time in meeting her ‘sort of’ in-law, and she appeared to get the stamp of approval from the big sis’. Aw.

But this wasn’t the moment that left viewers gushing.

Nope. After the challenge, which saw the couples taking on the IKEA relationship test (we’ve all been there) tackling some flatpack, Cara was getting her bants on with her man.

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And she said, ‘Do you know what? I don’t like you… I love you.’

It took a moment for the words to sink in, but then Nathan jumped around the villa shouting at his fellow islanders: ‘Oh! Cara just said the L word! Cara just said that she loves me! Did everyone get that? Oh my god, are you serious? That’s done something to my whole heart! You said the L word!’


Oh, you guys!

Social media errupted, with reactions including: ‘Nathan and Cara are real relationship goals’, ‘Nathan running around the villa telling everyone that Cara said she loves him is the cutest thing oh my god’ and ‘I can’t even cope, I’m too invested in Nathan and Cara’ [sic].

We can’t wait to see more of this loved-up pair…