Cara Delevingne’s Inked Again With New ‘Made In England’ Tattoo

Cara Delevingne took to Instagram yesterday to show off her latest tattoo.

Could it be that ink-loving pals Harry Styles and Rita Ora have been rubbing off on the supermodel? Or is the browtastic beauty just a big fan of body art?

Either way, it looks like she’s caught tattoo fever as the 20-year-old shared a snap of her third black stamp yesterday – a ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ branding on the bottom of her foot. At least she can hide this one from her mum.

Captioning the pic: “Made in England! Finally… @bangbangnyc,” it looks like Cara’s been waiting to get back to the studio in New York that tattooed the lion on her forefinger and her initials on her hand earlier this summer.

Yep, that’s three in three months.

We wonder how many she’ll have by Christmas? Our bet is BFF Rita Ora may be left playing catch up!

By Claire Blackmore

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