Cara Delevingne’s Exotic Party Island 21st Birthday Bash: PICS!

Cara Delevingne shunned her much talked about 21st birthday blowout bash in Ibiza and opted instead for some chilled beachside celebrations with model pal Lizzy Jagger and friends on the exotic island of Mustique.

The pow-browed beauty ditched her original party plans after reportedly being advised by family and her modelling agency Storm to take some time out from her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. “Her family especially were worried she was taking the partying to extremes and sat her down for a talk”, a source told The Mirror. “She agreed to ease up, and take herself away to totally chill out, detox and unwind.”

After ten days spent chilling, swimming and sipping smoothies at family friend Mick Jagger‘s luxury pad on the Caribbean hotspot, Cara then flew her crew out on Monday night to join her for a special evening of cross-dressing craziness.

Sharing her party snaps on Instagram, the birthday girl posted a selection of pictures showing her and her glam gang adorned in a variety of fancy dress costumes, with Cara showing off her hot model bod in a pair of skintight American flag leggings and a black cropped top.

Thank you to all my friends for all their love and support and for making my birthday so special, I would be nothing without you! #crossdressing #sparkles #camo #itsbeenemotional”, she posted alongside a snap of the eight-strong birthday crew posing on the beach.

Showbiz wifeys Rita Ora and Rihanna were both noticably absent from the party, as Cara made an effort to tone down her party antics by inviting just close friends and family. “Thank you again to wolf mother and cat/dog whisperer! You sisters keep me sane! LOVE YOU!! #vib”, she wrote alongside a snap of her, longtime BFF Lizzy and another gal pal.

The notorious party princess has reportedly gone on a self-imposed six-week detox and is now taking a two-month break from work while she rests up at rocker Mick’s villa. “Cara has, by her own admission, been burning the candle at both ends over the past year or so. Partying has taken its toll and she is absolutely knackered’, said the source.

And it seems to be doing the trick. “She feels totally recharged already,” the source added. “Cara reckons there’s only so much eating, sleeping and vitamin inhaling one can do.”

We could think of worse places to spend our days off – that place looks incredible!

By Robyn Munson

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