Cara Delevingne To Sign To Jay-Z’s Record Label?

Cara Delevingne is getting ready for world domination as she prepares to launch her music career with a little help from Jay-Z and his Roc Nation record label.


As if she wasn’t cool enough already, the model of the moment is now said to be in talks with Beyonce‘s husband as she eyes up the rap legend to become her music boss. Having made no secret of her singing ambitions in the past, Cara’s reportedly been working on new material for a few months now. So she’s amazingly hot, mega funny and posesses the voice of an angel? Not. Fair. With Jay-Z already managing BFF Rita Ora and new gal pal Rihanna, surely there’s no better man for the job?


“Cara is desperate for a music career and has had a lot of advice from Rihanna and Rita,” a source told The Sun. “Now they have passed her demos to their managers Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith and Jay Brown who run Roc Nation with Jay-Z.”


It looks like Cara could be in with a shot, too. According to insiders, the Burberry model is already friends with the Watch The Throne rap legend after the pair were introduced backstage at a Beyoncé gig. “Cara met Jay-Z backstage at Beyoncé’s London show earlier this month and they got on well,” adds the source. “So there is a good chance Roc Nation will take her on.”


We so hope this works out. Because after watching Miss D do her thing in Rita Ora’s recent Facemelt vid, there’s no denying this girl’s perfect popstar material. Come on Jay, make it happen!


By Robyn Munson, 28th May 2013


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