Cara Delevingne Spills On Kate Moss’ Top Modelling Tips

As well as her full brows, Cara Delevingne is probably best known for putting the personality into playing clothes horse. And it seems she might have fellow super, Kate Moss to thank for her individual approach to modelling.

Speaking to she revealed the top tips Ms Moss had given her for making it in the industry and why she was the perfect partner in crime for Burberry’s latest fragrance campaign.

Of the My Burberry shoot with Kate, Cara said: ‘It was hysterical. We always have fun together. And so to work with Mario [Testino] and Christopher [Bailey], as well … I could spend my whole day like that.

‘I think trying to get us to stop nattering and chatting was probably quite hard. But then they captured that, so it was great. It was just us, being friends and having a good time.’

And it’s clear Cara has no problem getting up close and personal with Kate, as she joked that her favourite part was: ‘Probably when we were both naked and she had her legs wrapped around me, but then it was quite hard to stay covered with the trenchcoats.’

Having become close friends, it seems Cara has learnt a lot from Mossy, as she said, thanks to the fellow super she’s decided: ‘Just to be myself and not to give a sh*t what other people say. And stick up for yourself.

She explained: ‘[Kate]’s an extremely strong woman, and she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone, which is great. She very much sticks up for something she believes in. It’s very inspirational.’

We’re pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

By Hayley Spencer