Cara Delevingne In Love With Two Men: In This Week’s LOOK

Cara Delevingne has confessed that she’s in love with two different men (*GASP*) and you can read all about it in this week’s issue of LOOK. Just pick up your favourite fashion weekly today to find out who’s got Cara in a spin, plus…

  • Shop Milan Glam! Fashion Week Hits The High Street
  • Lea Michele Supports Zac Efron: ‘Please Don’t End Up Like Cory
  • Claire Danes Interview: ‘I Love Bringing My Baby Onto The Set Of Homeland
  • The Top 10 Accessory Trends You Need To Know
  • New Season ‘It’ Cuts – 3 Ways To Style

As if that wasn’t enough to tempt your fashionable taste buds there’s also a FREE Benefit brow wax AND 20% off Clarks for every reader this week. So you can read all about Cara’s love life while getting the Cara-brow yourself!

If going to the shop sounds like more effort than you can afford right now (it is Tuesday after all!) then you can also download LOOK via iTunes for Apple devices, Nook for android and Amazon for Kindle Fire – simples.

Happy LOOK Tuesday!

By Lauren O’Callaghan

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