Cara Delevingne wore a purple dinosaur onesie for Jordan Dunn's cookery show

Cara Delevingne Guest Stars On Jourdan Dunn’s Cookery Show

Cara Delevingne is turning her hand to cooking, working as a sous chef on Jourdan Dunn‘s latest cookery show. The model-of-the-moment appears in the latest instalment of Jourdan’s online project, rocking a purple dinosaur onesie and trainers. 

It’s REALLY funny, and actually pretty informative, too. In the second episode, Jourdan’s teaching us how to make shrimp tempura and Cara admits she’s not the best cook in the world. Hopping around like an excited child, she listens intently while Jourdan teaches us how to prep the prawns (eww), fry them and then serve.

Our favourite moment sees Cara fetch a tablespoon of water and walk across the room with it. As you can imagine, it takes her a few trips.

‘Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn’ appears on Jay-Z‘s YouTube channel, Life & Times, and will be our first stop for cooking tips from now on. (Sorry Delia. Oh, and you, Jamie). 

You’ll also find out how the pair first met and witness the funny moment that Cara realises she doesn’t like spicy food.

Check it out below – these two just made the kitchen the coolest place to hang out. 

By Rebecca Martin 17th April 2013

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