Cara Delevingne Flirts With Gaz Geordie Shore On Twitter

Cara Delevingne has seemingly set her sights on the most unlikely of lads – notorious womaniser Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore. Say what?!

With reports suggesting the pair have been exchanging secret messages on Twitter for a while now, the 20-year-old Burberry model and Newcastle-born reality TV star seem to be ready to make their flirtation public as they openly swapped tweets on Friday night.

Continuing what must have been an earlier conversation about their drinking abilities, Cara wrote: “@GazGShore the battle is yet to begin but the war is already won! Are you ready for a challenge?”

Gaz then replied: “@Caradelevingne next Sunday your ass is mine hope ya not a bad loser #bluewkdlightweight haha!! #goingtogetmessy.” 

“@GazGShore we will see about that!” came Miss Delevingne’s retort, while the cheeky Geordie hit back with: “@Caradelevingne My victory dance is already planned don’t worry I’ll hold ya hair back.”

Crikey! These two certainly seem to know each other pretty well. 

“It’s been going on for about two weeks”, a source told The Sun. “Cara has a real crush on Gaz and he’s lapping it up. He can’t believe his luck.

“Cara doesn’t really have a type so none of her pals are surprised she’s attracted to Gaz.” 

Oh, and in case you don’t watch Geordie Shore, Gaz is the super cocky ladies magnet who describes himself as the ‘ultimate lad’. So not too different from a certain One Directioner ex, then…

We’re dying to know what’s happening next Sunday. Eyes peeled peeps, we have a feeling this could be one to watch!

By Robyn Munson

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