Cara Delevingne Calls Geordie Shore’s Gaz Every Day For Flirty Chats!

Cara Delevingne isn’t a shy lady. She seems to have men falling at her feet daily – Prince Harry, Leo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, to name a few. But there’s one guys who seems to have caught her eye in particular – Geordie Shore’s Gaz – whose real name is Gary Beadle. The pair recently had a little flirt on Twitter, where they’re said to have exchanged numbers, but now Gaz has revealed things have rapidly heated up over the past fortnight to the point where they chat nonsense to each other every day. Yes, really! In fact, the Geordie ladies man might be a tad smitten with the quirky model.

“We speak every day,” he confessed. “She’s the most down-to-earth, wicked bird ever. We’re total opposites but we get on really well. We always send each other pictures and videos of where we are.”

It might be the most unlikely romance since Marc Anthony and Chloe Green, but we must confess we’re a little excited about these two playing the “You hang up”, “No, you hang up” game. Cara is so taken with the reality star – whose nickname is ‘The Parsnip’ because of his impressive manhood – she’s even invited him to Ibiza in August for her 21st birthday bash.

They haven’t met in person yet, but when they do Cara is in for a treat. “I’m going to impress Cara by meeting her in Maccy Ds, getting her a quarter pounder cheeseburger meal, then take her to the nearest bar to get smashed,”  Gaz revealed.

And who said romance was dead?

By Lydia Southern

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