Cara Delevingne And Prince Harry’s Relationship: Only In This Week’s LOOK!

Cara Delevingne is one of our fave models, but it looks like she’s caught a certain prince‘s eye too… And you don’t have to wait to read all about their secret relationship, as it’s only in this week’s LOOK!

As well as the love lives of the rich and famous, catch up on:

  • The seven holiday items you need to pack in your suitcase, pronto
  • The 50 hottest dresses on the high street right now
  • Posh’s arty skirt – get your own version for just £12
  • The three signs you have Insta-Envy… put down that phone now!
  • Shocking real life: ‘I was tear-gassed on my lunch break’

We think you’ll agree, all that right there makes this week’s LOOK the hottest accessory to be seen with right now. But if you’re more of a digital gal, you can get your weekly fashion and celeb fix on your phone or iPad in just a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy…

By Sarah Kershaw

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