Cara Delevingne Amuses Herself At The Airport Making Videos

Cara Delevingne always seems to have ants in her pants, so when her flight out of London was delayed, it’s no surprise our favourite model was up to no good.

Cara’s off on a well-earned break from her usual schedule of partying and looking incredible. She tweeted:

“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again!!!” and jokingly tweeted two minutes later: “Well I do but let’s just pretend. Goodbye London and helllllloooooo holiday!”

But when Cara‘s flight was delayed, her summer plans were put on hold for a couple of hours. And Cara Delevingne being Cara Delevingne, she couldn’t sit still. First she posted: “Why is my flight delayed??? I am bored”, along with this Vine video of her mucking about with an array of hats, cocktails, her heavily stamped passport and an awesome eye-print bikini. Then she posted this second Vine video of her tearing it up in the airport’s Boots store, buying baby oil, along with some bonkers close-ups of Jamie Oliver.

She was unstoppable in her video making frenzy, posting this third hilarious Vine of herself miming along to the safety demonstration.

Oh Cara Delevingne, we do love you!

By Lucy Hancock

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