Cara Bought Kendall A Seriously Weird Birthday Present

When it comes to A-list gifts we’re normally accustomed to the celebs buying each other designer handbags, cute puppies and tropical holidays.

But Cara Delevingne is not one to play by the rules, and this week treated her favourite Kardashian to an extra-special birthday present.

Cara surprised bestie Kendall to a spectacular birthday cake, and shared the news via Instagram. Referencing the nickname the pair have for each other Cara captioned the pic, “A CaKe for my CaKe”, complete with the cake emoji, obvs.

This was no ordinary birthday cake though.

> Probably the strangest gift Kendall has ever recieved


On top of the cake was a split picture of the two supermodels – is it just us or do these two actually look quite alike?

But it was what surrounded the cake that has really caused a stir. Cara had decorated the bake with some sweet treats shaped like some rather explicit body parts. Classy indeed.

It appears that however mega famous you get, you can’t avoid your friends playing a birthday prank.

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Kendall hasn’t responded to Cara’s cheeky birthday gift but we don’t need to fear, she definitely got all the birthday presents on her 20th birthday list.

The one she was most excited about? Bagging a starring role in the Victoria’s Secret show with her other model BFF, Gigi Hadid, natch.

“The best birthday present EVER! @victoriassecret’s newest recruits. Oh and I get to do it with my best friend, ” Kendall tweeted.

Kendall also bought herself a very extravagant gift. The second youngest Kardashian splashed out 100,000 on a vintage car (a classic 1957 Corvette Stingray), and to be precise and took the ride for a spin with pal Hailey Baldwin to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Kendall!

By Elizabeth Bennett