Cara’s An Aunty Again!

Cara Delevingne has become an aunty for the second time! The model’s older sister, Chloe has given birth to a baby girl named Juno, aw!
The news that Chloe Delevingne was pregnant again only came to light in June when Cara’s sister posted a snap on Instagram flauting her baby bump. The 30 year old was already six months preggers at that point and had managed to keep it on the DL beforehand.
The family revealed the news in the summer shortly after the lesser-known Delevingne sister shared a picture of her baby scan on social media. The ridiculously, good-looking family attended the Kylie Minogue concert in Hyde Park where Chloe sported a tight, striped dress showing off her blossoming bump on her birthday.
Cara reposted the snap of her friends and family with the caption: “Hyde Park dream team!! We love you Chloe!!! X”. Thus, revealing to the world Chloe’s exciting news.
It’s not the first time that Cara has been blessed as an aunty, Chloe and her husband, Edward Grant, welcomed their first child, Atticus, into the world over a year ago.
She is no doubt the best aunty ever to the little ones and will defo relish in the fact that she has a little niece to spoil. And we’re seriously envious if the little ‘un gets to nab some of her stylish aunty’s clothes when she’s a little older!
 We look forward to seeing some snaps of the newborn, who will probably look identical to the rest of her beautiful relatives. Congratulations, Chloe!

By Kathryn Knight