Cara De La Hoyde Opens Up About Her Pregnancy On This Morning

Cara spoke about her and ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey's split in an emotional chat...

Cara De La Hoyde appeared on This MorningΒ today, to discuss her relationship with ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey and how she’s been dealing with her shock pregnancy.

On meeting Nathan onΒ last year’sΒ Love Island, she told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: ‘To be honest, we did have a bit of an easy ride because we were fortunate enough that we both met someone that we liked and we had no worries.’

When Phil asked: ‘What’s the weirdest thing about being in there, when you’re in there?’ she replied: ‘The fact that you have no idea that people are watching you.

‘Because when we went in, obviously you go into “hiding”, so you have no idea what the public are seeing, the build up, the reactions… You have no concept of what’s going on outside the villa.’

She also had some strong advice for the current contestants, adding: ‘Looking back on it now, my main piece of advice for everyone is when you come out, don’t rush things, because you think that you know each other so well and we jumped in head first, lived together…

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‘We’ve still got so much love for each other, but everything happened so quickly and I think it ruined it.’

Speaking about her and Nathan’s surprise pregnancy, Cara revealed: ‘It was a massive shock. I was actually in hospital having a cervical examination and then I found out I was pregnant, so I didn’t go in to find that.’

But despite their break-up, fans will be happy to know that the pair are still on good terms.

Cara explained: ‘We’re really good, we’re constantly in contact. He knows everything that he needs to know. I’m having time with my family and he’s having time with his, but we’re very much involved.

‘He was very shocked, just the same as I was. We tried to make it work but sometimes it’s better for the baby not to be in that volatile relationship.’

Philip also mentioned that Cara found out about the pregnancy before the split, saying: ‘It was only about two weeks after he found out that he was a dad that you called it a day…’

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Cara responded: ‘Yeah, but I think sometimes you can try things for the sake of a baby, and there’s nothing to say not in the future, but just at the moment we don’t need that stress when you’re pregnant.’

Holly appeared hopeful, asking: ‘In the future, would you like things to work out?’

‘Of course!’ Cara was more than happy to admit. ‘ You know, it’d be lovely to have a little family and look back and show our kids where we met.’

Slightly shocked, Philip laughed: ‘Would you show the kids where you met?!’

But Cara was confident: ‘Yeah, because it’s important to them – even if we’re not together – to go: “Your mum and dad did love each other,” and we do love each other, and they’ll see that they were mad in love.’

With Schofe looking touched, Cara had to ask if he was alright.

He warned: ‘I think it’s sweet! So lovely. You’re going to make [Holly] cry in a moment, I’m telling you that now.’

Cara went on to praise her support system: ‘I’ve got great friends, great family, Nathan’s family’s there, he’s there for me so, yeah, we couldn’t have a better set up with how things are at the moment.’

And TOWIE fans could be in for a treat, as it looks like Cara is pretty keen to become a permanent cast member. She teased: ‘You’ll have to watch this space, there’s room for a little yummy mummy, isn’t there?’

We’d love to see more of Cara on our screens!

By Emily Jefferies