Love Island Winner Cara Thinks Chris Should Move On With Another Islander

Cara is pals with new islander Georgia Harrison. And she's spoken out about what she thinks she should do...

Love Island 2016 champion Cara De La Hoyde has revealed that she wants new islander Georgia Harrison to couple-up with Chris Hughes.

Chris has been involved in an on/off romance with Olivia Attwood for the majority of the time he has been in the villa.

In her exclusive blog with OK!, Cara revealed that she doesn’t think Chris and Olivia should be together. Ooh.

Cara said: ‘It’s really hard, because I didn’t like Olivia then I really liked her, because she’s really funny, but now I’ve gone back off her a bit. It’s like she just wants Chris for herself…’

Chris and Olivia on Love Island

Chris and Olivia have had their share of ups and downs

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Cara also touched on the latest argument to hit the pair, which came as a result of Chris’s kind words to Georgia following her decision to couple-up with Kem (much to girlfriend Amber’s annoyance).

If you watched the show, you’ll already know that Olivia told both Kem and Amber that Chris had given the new islander reassurance.

Cara said: ‘If that’s your man, you don’t do that. You don’t throw your man under the bus like that. Chris is trying to be a nice person and make sure the new people aren’t in an uncomfortable situation. He’s not doing it to be sneaky, he’s doing it to be nice to everyone.’

Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde won Love Island last year

It seems as though the pregnant former islander doesn’t believe that Chris and Olivia are all that compatible.

Talking about the public’s changing opinion on Chris AKA The Polar Bear, Cara continued: ‘Chris has gone up in everyone’s books, when he first went in, people weren’t too sure about him and now they love him. All of the funny things Chris does seem to irritate Olivia and they’re things you’re supposed to like about someone.’

She added in her blog: ‘Olivia will just try and change him then he won’t be himself. You can’t do that to people.’

Then she added her friend Georgia into the equation. Cara said: ‘Let’s leave that one and let Chris get with Georgia because she is so lovely. Honestly, Georgia is such a lovely girl, I really hope she gets a good chance.’

And it looks like Cara’s wish could be one step closer towards coming true. A spoiler for tonight’s episode reveals Liv and Chris having another break-up-style chat after she found out she was one of the four most unpopular islanders.

Ouch, poor Chris.

Will Chris move on with Georgia?

Find out tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

By Emily Jefferies