Did Candice Copy Nadiya’s Bake From Last Year’s GBBO?

The contestant has come under fire again. And it's all because of her, err, peacock...

Poor Candice hasn’t exactly been having an easy time of things on this series of Great British Bake Off.

We mean, we totally love her. And her bakes. But some fans of the show have been divided on her quirky antics.

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This week, she should have been able to bask in the glory of the Bake Off tent, after being crowned Star Baker for a very impressive – and mouth-watering – showstopper.


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Twitter has decided to take issue with this, though. Gawd, people are hard to please these days, eh?

Some viewers have accused Candice of ripping off Nadiya’s work from last year.

Remember the bird from chocolate week back in 2015? Well, in case your memory is as bad as ours can be, let us take you for a trip down memory lane.

Nadiya, who actually went on to win GBBO, constructed a colourful peacock out of chocolate. It was a thing to behold.


Fast-forward to Wednesday night and Tudor Week, and the judges were very impressed by Candice’s offering – a peacock made of marzipan.

Paul Hollywood told her, ‘You ticked all the boxes and then some. Exceptional.’

Mary added: ‘You’ve really cracked it.’

But social media felt quite differently.

One wrote: ‘Is it just me or should Candice have lost marks for blatantly copying Nadiya from last year?! #GBBO’.

Another added: ‘it was rude because Candice CLEARLY stole Queen Nadiya’s bake from last year’ [sic].

Oh dear.

Come on now, guys.

We think that Candice did an amazing job – the hidden blueberries inside? What a treat – so let’s stop tearing each other down, shall we?