Some GBBO Fans Think Candice ‘Insulted’ Mary Berry On Last Night’s Show

The baker faced criticism on social media during the latest episode. But it looks like it was all one big misunderstanding...

So it’s been another tense week in the Great British Bake Off tent.

Still nursing our wounds from the shock departure of Val (we’re totally not over it), we watched Tom rise to the top with his elderflower showstopper before chilli-loving Rav was sent home.

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But as the contestants took on some rather colourful botanical bakes, Selasi’s special floral t-shirt wasn’t the only thing people couldn’t stop talking about.

Viewers of the BBC show were outraged. Why? Well, some claimed that GBBO favourite, Candice Brown, appeared to insult Mary Berry. What?!


As judges Paul and Mary were making their way through the bakers’ signature citrus meringue pies, it was the turn of PE teacher Candice to present them with her lemon, lime and coconut creation.

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When Mary gave her verdict saying the pie had a ‘very good flavour’, Candice seemed to respond by saying: ‘Thank you, tart.’


Did she actually call our beloved Mary a tart?!


It didn’t take too long for viewers on social media to point it out. One wrote: ‘Did Candice just call Mary Berry a tart?’

‘Calling Mary Berry a tart was a bit excessive there Candice @BritishBakeOff #GBBO #BotanicalWeek,’ another added.

A third fan posted: ‘Did candice just call our lord and saviour Mary berry a tart! #GBBO’ [sic].

Okay, the North London lady was clearly referring to the flavour of her citrus pie being a little sour, not throwing some serious shade at the GBBO judge.

Phew, we never doubted you Candice!

By Naomi Bartram