GBBO’s Candice Brown Hits Back At Her Twitter Trolls With Sass

The 31-year-old lipstick queen *definitely* isn't going to let the haters get her down...

We may still be in shock about The Great British Bake Off moving to Channel 4, but that didn’t stop us from really ruddy enjoying last week’s show.

The phrase ‘Keep calm and carry on’ springs to mind here.

It was Batter Week, which meant Yorkshire puddings, pancakes and churros galore. We saw Benjamina being crowned Star Baker, before Kate was sent home.

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Of course, the show immediately started trending on Twitter. But unfortunately, not all of the comments were about the contestants’ skills.

For some reason, some thought it was acceptable to start trolling baker Candice Brown. *Sigh*. Not really in the Bake Off spirit, is it?

Candice hasn't had the easiest time on Twitter

Candice hasn’t had the easiest time on Twitter

As viewers will know, Candice is the North London gal who’s known for her large collection of lipsticks and creating an ah-mazing gingerbread pub in Biscuit Week.

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We love seeing Candice (and her lippies) on our screens each week, so we were shocked to read Tweets such as: ‘I’d love to see Mary slap that smug look off Candice’s face #GBBO.’

Nasty. Luckily, it doesn’t seem as though the 31-year-old is letting herself get too fazed by the bullies.

Candice Bake Off

She jokily replied to the aforementioned comment with: ‘If you watch next week she actually does!’

And that’s not the only person she’s called out. She’s re-Tweeted messages including: ‘Figured it out! Candice reminds me of Greta from Gremlins ????.’

She’s also replied to some of her haters. After one jibed: ‘Can see right through your constant pouting you towie wanab. so annoying,’ she clarified: ‘I’m from north London!!! #towinl.’

And responding to comparisons between her and Daffy Duck (yeah, we don’t get it either),’ she said: ‘Night all!!! Loveliness appreciated as always!! Time to rest the duck face #daffy #loveliness #itsjustmyface.’

Just brilliant. You keep doing you, lady!