Camilla Thurlow’s Uncle Speaks Out About Her Time On Love Island

The 28-year-old came in second place on last night's final

We’re all super-happy that Camilla Thurlow came second on last night’s Love Island finale.

The 28-year-old had a rocky start in the villa, but ended up finding romance in the form of Calvin Klein model Jamie Jewitt.

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Jamie and Camilla made it to the final of Love Island

When her parents visited her earlier this week, they seemed more than proud of their daughter – and even told her that her grandma had been tuning in (with the subtitles on, LOLz).

But there’s one family member who’s not so bothered about her new-found fame.

Cam’s uncle Peter tells MailOnline: ‘I haven’t been watching. But I’ve got three daughters who have kept me well informed.

‘The one who watches it the most is abroad so it’s gone off the boil a bit but daughters of a friend of mine keep in touch asking: “Did you see tonight?” It’s drivel, the language. But it’s not aimed at me.’

Camilla on Love Island

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It’s safe to say that Cam’ had a few ups and downs with the guys in the villa. We’re looking at you, Jonny.

Now Peter’s revealed how her mum felt about seeing her daughter cry, continuing: ‘I think [Camilla’s mother] Deborah has found the whole thing difficult because she can’t interact.

‘To see a member of your family upset when you can’t engage with them is a sad thing. Her reaction has been to stay somewhat distant, I think.

Camilla’s mum visited her in the villa

‘I have watched bits of it but there’s no fundamental enjoyment of the show any more than there is watching Big Brother.

‘I echo her dad’s comments, which were that he’s delighted she is happy and the rest of it absolutely academic really.

‘We are pleased if she is. If it creates a career then she has done well is the reality.’

Well, we think she’s done great. Congratulations, Cam!