Camilla Thurlow’s Life Was SO Different Before Love Island

This brainy beauty's lifestyle was worlds away from the villa...

Love Island viewers are LOVING Camilla at the moment.

The shy stunner is definitely coming out of her shell more, and fans are finally getting to see her let her hair down and have some proper fun.

A pivotal point of the series so far for her was Sunday night (11 June) when she had that shock snog with new partner Jonny.

And on last night’s ep (12 June), we saw Cam’ get even cheekier!

In a game that saw the lads judge the ladies’ kissing techniques, Camilla landed a smacker on each of the boys’ lips – and looked pretty pleased with herself.

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It’s clear that Camilla isn’t your stereotypical Islander, but what do we know about the 27-year-old?

Employed in the field of work known as Explosive Ordnance Disposal, the girl is pretty bad-ass. In fact, her Instagram page shows just how different her life was like before Love Island

All packed, thank you for an unbelievable 18 months Cambodia #lifeinabag

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Having to travel for work to places that have recently faced conflict such as Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan, her social media proves to be nothing like the other Love Island ladies’.

Thank you so much to all the people who have made the last couple of weeks unforgettable💛. See you soon Zimbabwe…

A post shared by Camilla Thurlow (@camillathurlow) on

The journey to Afghanistan begins 👋

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Goodbye Afghanistan – thank you for a pretty spectacular send-off

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Before entering the crazy villa, Camilla opened up about the drastic move and how it would change her whole lifestyle.

She confessed her family were her biggest concern: ‘I do worry about what my family think of what I do and how I act and behave… It’s probably one of my biggest concerns about doing the show.’

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When asked if she thinks she’s ever underestimated in her line of work, she revealed that her looks aren’t even considered: ‘Not really, it’s just so irrelevant in that world, what someone looks like.

‘Sometimes there’ll be things where I have to work very hard to be as physically capable as other people.’

Jonny and Camilla get to know each other over breakfast

She’s one tough cookie, that’s for sure.

Fans of the former Miss Edinburgh have been sharing their love for her all over Twitter.

One viewer was impressed with her girl-code: ‘Camilla is one in a million! The way she defended Chole, without Chole being there! True friend! [sic].’

Another seemed extremely keen: ‘I like camilla because she’s beautiful, has morality and F****** DESTROYS BOMBS for a living ??? #dreamgirl [sic].’

We’re so happy to see more of Camilla on the show, let’s hope things with her and Jonny keep on track!

By Emily Jefferies