Viewers Have A Theory About Camilla And Jamie’s Date On Love Island

Fans of the show couldn't stop comparing their dinner dance to La La Land...

The Love Island final is edging ever closer, and Thursday night’s episode saw some of the remaining islanders embark on their last dates of the series. Sad face.

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt have already shown themselves to be a pretty good match, bonding over their mutual love of authors and longing to make the world a better place. Gotta love ’em.


And their dinner date perfectly summed them up.

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Sitting down to a romantic al fresco meal with a picturesque view, the loved-up couple were joined by a small string orchestra. Cam’ and Jamie discussed their future outside of the ITV2 villa, which, it seems, is going to include a trip to Ibiza and a humanitarian mission.

The 28-year-old told her man (who just so happens to be a Calvin Klein model): ‘Obviously there were ups and downs, but right now is the happiest I’ve been. And not just in here, in a very, very long time.

‘It’s hard to explain that in this context, but it’s feeling like you’re not quite as strange as you think you are. Or maybe you are strange, but someone else is too.’


After some food and wine, the pair decided to take the opportunity to have a little dance and, as if on cue, the orchestra quickly burst into a rendition of Camilla’s favourite song – Toto’s Africa, FYI.

It was like a scene from a classic romance movie. Oh, wait, it really was.

Yup. Viewers took to social media to draw comparisons to Oscar-winning flick La La Land. 

In fact, with the nighttime scenery and Camilla’s uncanny outfit choice, it was almost like they’d done it on purpose…

We see you, ITV2. And we LOVE IT.