Will You Be Ditching Cow’s Milk For Camel Milk?

Let’s talk about the latest new addition to the milk family: camel milk. Its amassing a pretty big following in the UK, believe it or not,  and looks well on the way to becoming a 2016 super food. So, if you’re just as curious as we were when we found out about this, er, interesting new take on the white stuff, then keep reading for all the info you need before gulping down a glass.

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What Is Camel’s Milk?

Well, obviously it’s the milk of a camel. But interestingly, it has been consumed by various Arabic groups for centuries. It has many health benefits and is also popular with the likes of Kim Kardashian (we should have guessed). She posted a picture of her trying out the milk in Bahrain with the caption “Got Camels Milk???” We have no words. 



How Does Camel Milk Help Diabetes?

We just knew that this was the next question on your mind. According to the Diabetic Association of India, “camel milk contains sufficient levels of insulin to help prevent, and perhaps treat, both type1 and type 2 diabetes.” Another good fact to know is that camel milk, like almond, rice and other nut milks, is lower in lactose, which is great for those of you suffering from dairy intolerances such as IBS.

Camel Milk vs Cow’s Milk

We know what you’re thinking: why ditch the milk you’ve drunk for years? Well, camel milk has healthier, unsaturated fats and protein than cow’s milk, which is perfect for those post-workout protein smoothies.

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Another great fact is that camel milk has three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk, and has ten times more iron too. Crikey.

Where Can I Buy Camel Milk?

If you are looking to try this new and, let’s admit it, rather unusual choice of milk, here are a few places in the UK that stock it:

·      Dessert Farms

·      Muscle Food



Will you be swapping your red-top pints for a glass of camel milk? We have to say we’re still on the fence. Kardashian endorsement or not.