Did Calvin Harris Send A Message About Taylor Swift On The X Factor?

Calvin Harris appeared to have a bit of a 'moment' whilst listening to Matt Terry's emotional audition during Nicole Scherzinger's Judges' Houses episode...

Calvin Harris fans got a real treat on Sunday night when he made his grand appearance on The X Factor to help Nicole Scherzinger get through her round of Judges’ Houses.

The Scottish DJ joined Nicole in the South Of France to help whittle down the final six boys to just three. And let’s just say it ended up being more emotional for Calv than he might have predicted…

As we know, the This Is What You Came For hitmaker went through a very public split with Taylor Swift earlier this year. Which is perhaps what prompted his surprising reaction to singer Matt Terry’s audition.

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calvin harris

Calvin Harris joined Nicole Scherzinger for her Judges’ Houses round…

Matt, who revealed he had recently been dumped by his long term girlfriend, decided to sing She’s Out Of My Life by Michael Jackson to hopefully gain his spot on the Live Shows.

And before he entered into his audition, he told Calvin and Nicole about his break-up, stating: ‘It happens to all of us doesn’t it?’

matt terry

Matt Terry performed an emotional rendition of She’s Out Of My Life…

Calvin replied: ‘Now you’re on TV! I bet she’s sad right now’.

‘I bet she’s thinking “damn!’ Nicole added.

calvin harris

Did Calvin get a little teary whilst watching Matt’s performance?

And then, something weird happened. Because, did we actually see Calv get a little TEARY as Matt went on to perform?!

Well, Twitter seemed to think so.

‘I feel like those teary eyes from Calvin Harris during Matt’s song were defo about Taylor ? #XFactor’, one commented.

‘Why does calvin harris look like he’s having flashbacks to his relationship with Taylor when he’s watching the contestants sing #xfactor ???’, another tweeted.

And it wasn’t just the viewers that suspected Calvin of getting a little emotional – after Matt’s audition, Nicole even turned to her fellow judge and said she noticed him ‘having a moment’, which Calv attempted to shrug off.

Aw. Could he be a big softie after all?