Calvin Harris Has A Theory About Taylor And Tom Hiddleston

Calvin Harris has a theory. And it’s about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

As we all know, the new couple haven’t slowed down one bit when it’s come to hitting those relationship milestones, with Tom having already met Taylor’s parents in Nashville, and Swifty having since travelled to Ipswich to meet Tom’s mum Diane.


(They’ve been dating for two weeks.)

And apparently, ex-boyfriend Calv has a theory about why the pair are moving so fast.

According to TMZ, the Scottish DJ reckons that Taylor is only pushing things with Tom to secure a Bond girl role (Hiddleston is hotly tipped to be the next 007). Hmm.


The site also reoprts that Calvin thinks it’s ‘f***ing laughable’ and that he’s ‘bewildered and astonished’ that Tom has met Swifty’s rents already, especially since she reportedly ‘always told him it was too far away’ when he suggested meeting Mr and Mrs Swift himself.



Still, Harris seems to be trying his best to get over the whole thing – just last night, he was busy posting a series of Snaps of him and a bevy of beautiful women aboard a luxury yacht, and let’s just say he didn’t look too upset about it.

Calv was also posing with close pal, Emil Nava, in matching Bahamas shirts and matching good spirits, by the looks of things. 

We just hope they both manage to move on, and that things don’t end up getting too bitter…