Calvin Harris Is Liking Taylor’s Latest Photos, Now

Despite rumours that Calvin Harris has just written a break-up song about ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, his behaviour on Instagram is telling a VERY different story.

You know when you break up with your significant other and you simply want to avoid all social media contact with them? So you go through deleting every smooching selfie, give them an unfollow and pray to god you never come across a pic of them and their new bf/gf?

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> Calvin took a particular like to this photo of Taylor’s…


Yep, well, Calvin’s definitely not doing that.

Because just two weeks after he decided to re-follow Taylor, he’s only gone and LIKED one of her photos from her 4th of July party. What?!

Yep, the Scottish DJ gave the thumbs up to a snap of Swifty and two pals racing down a waterslide, and everyone’s confused.

> A beady-eyed Instagram user spotted the fact that Calv had liked one of Taylor’s snaps…


Of course, the Blank Space singer spent the entire weekend with her new man Tom Hiddleston, who was in a few of the other 4th of July pictures. And we presume Calv knew this.

So what’s with the like? We have a few theories:

1) His finger slipped whilst he was having a good ol’ stalk of his ex. Major awks.

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> Meanwhile, Taylor has shared her first snap of her and Tom Hiddleston (can you spot their kiss?!)


2) He’s reminding Tay he still exists. Like, “Hey, Tay? I see you over there all in love with the next Bond. But your ex is still cruising on you, girl…” (Maybe)

3) He was drunk. Calv is currently on holiday somewhere very exotic, so perhaps he drunk-Liked and then totally forgot? Oh well, at least we’ve reminded him.

> Calvin Harris is currently on holiday somewhere exotic…


4) He’s messing with us. Because, we could totally believe that too.

Who knows. But we sure are loving the complicated after-life of Talvin…