Is Taylor Why Calvin Set His Instagram Account To Private?

Calvin Harris has switched his Instagram account to private, leaving fans reeling.

The 31-year-old has now restricted anyone from viewing his pictures unless approved by himself, with the message on his account now reading; ‘This account is private.’

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calvin harris instagram account private Calvin has now set his Instagram account to private


With over 4.4 million Instagram followers, and the fact that he’s a world-renowned DJ, it’s a pretty unexpected move for Calvin to make. So what’s behind it?

Well, sources are saying that Taylor Swift is behind the decision.

Apparently, Harris grew sick of the barrage of comments he was receiving about his relationship with Swifty, and was ‘getting tired of people commenting about Karlie being better for Taylor/Harry being better for Taylor.’

taylor swift pink sequin dress Taylor fans have reportedly been dissing Calvin online…


Yep, it appears those numerous jibes from fans saying that they would rather see Taylor with ex-flame Harry Styles (or even BFF Karlie Kloss!) that allegedly caused Calvin to go private.

In fact, a Taylor fan has even posted an announcement on Tumblr (which has gone viral), urging Swifty fans to give her man a break. 

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taylor swift and a birf Calvin has been pretty absent from Taylor’s Instagram account lately…


It reads: ‘If you are harassing Calvin on Instagram OR in any other social media account, I would just like to remind you that you are also harassing Taylor’.

It later went on to add that fans had been ‘sending him hate on SM [social media]’ and that ‘Calvin setting his Instagram account to private only shows how f***ed up this situation is’.

Eek. We hope he comes back soon!

calvin harris at the kiis fm jingle bell ball We hope Calvin comes back to Instagram soon!