Calum Best Has A Theory About CBB’s Bianca Gascoigne And Jamie O’Hara

It's all got a little bit awkward on Celebrity Big Brother. And Calum has had to apologise...

Err. Things might have just got a little awkward for Celebrity Big Brother‘s Calum Best and his housemate Jamie O’Hara.

Of course, Calum and Bianca Gascoigne have been linked in the past, but it’s actually her closeness to footballer Jamie that’s been getting all of the attention, mainly due to the fact that she’s admitted to having a fella outside of the house.

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But comments made by Calum seem to have sparked a bit of a knee-jerk reaction from some viewers. The 35-year-old appears to have called out his fellow housemates’ relationship for being a ‘storyline’ for the series.

During a recent episode, he discussed the pair’s romantic antics with Nicola McLean. Calum told the former model, ‘With all due respect, funny thing is I know it’s a storyline.

‘They’re playing it up to a tenfold. Jamie ain’t stupid.

‘They both know it’s part of the process.’

Hmm. Now that’s a theory and a half.

Bianca G

Things then got all the more awkward during last night’s episode, when Bianca and Jamie were shown a clip of the conversation as part of Big Brother’s Judgement Weekend task.

Both seemed pretty taken aback by Calum’s words, with Jamie hitting out: ‘You w*****!’

Calum tried to clear the air, but Bianca told him: ‘Well it isn’t nice to hear as it’s not the case.’

Calum Best

Viewers took to social media to discuss the situation. Whilst some believed that Calum was showing his ‘true colours’, many showed their support for him.

Whoever is currently manning George Best’s son’s Twitter account also decided to wade into the conversation. The tweet read: ‘Didn’t shy away from talking openly about it with Jamie & B afterwards. ✌🏻(A sincere and dignified apology!) #mates #peace #CBBCALUM #CBB’.

Others chimed in: ‘I really don’t see why @CalumBest needed to apologize. He was only saying what we are all thinking. #TrueGent’ and ‘at lease @CalumBest has the balls to say what everybody is thinking 👊👊👊’.

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