Why Some CBB Fans Aren’t Convinced This Emotional Moment Was The Real Deal

After Calum Best looked visibly shocked to see his mum Angie enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, not everyone believed his emotions...

One of the best moments of last night’s Celebrity Big Brother’s launch show had to be when returning contestant Calum Best’s mum entered the house. Yep, that happened.

Calum, son of Angie and the late George Best, was invited back to the show two years after his first stint, where he starred alongside Perez Hilton.

But his excitement at returning to the CBB house last night was soon dampened when mum Angie surprised him by walking into the house mere minutes after he’d arrived.

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calum best

Calum Best looked visibly shocked to see his mum enter the CBB house last night…


Whilst Calum was busy acting as a ‘producer’ as part of the All Stars line-up for this year, his 64-year-old former Playboy mother (who looked ah-MAZING, we might add), strolled into the house to surprise her son.

And his face was a picture.

calum best mum

Calum’s mum Angie is easily the most glamorous 64-year-old we’ve ever seen…

‘Is that my mum?’ he was seen asking his fellow housemates as he struggled to comprehend what was going on.

As he continued to stare at the screen with a look of bewilderment, he then shouted: ‘Oh my god that’s my mother! Get the f*** out of here!’

But whilst Angie maintained in her entry interview that her son Calum knew nothing of her plan to enter the CBB house, not all viewers were as convinced…

‘Calum Best’s acting skills when he had to pretend he didn’t know his mum was going in 🙄 #CBB’, one wrote next to an eye-roll GIF.

‘#cbb are people that dumb to believe calum best didn’t know his mum was going in’, said another.

Whilst a third wrote: ‘Are we supposed to believe Calum Best doesn’t know his mum is on #CBB, mine can barely go to the shop without telling me (love you mum)’.


However, others were simply excited to see how the mother/son dynamic would pan out on the show, with one writing ‘I said I wouldn’t get dragged into #CBB this year, but putting Calum Best in & then putting his mum in without him knowing is genius!

We can’t wait to see how this one unfolds.