Calum Best Is Also Being Criticised For THIS Controversial Celebrity Big Brother Moment

Some viewers think that Nicola McLean was treated unfairly during THAT drunken evening in the CBB house...

By now, you’re probably more than aware of what’s been going down on Celebrity Big Brother this week. But if you’re still in the dark as to the story that everyone is talking about, then let us fill you in.

Nicola McLean, Jamie O’Hara and Calum Best are all among this year’s housemates.

There’s history between Nicola and Jamie, given the fact that she is married to his close friend, Tom Williams, and that Nicola used to be great friends with Jamie’s ex, Danielle Lloyd. To add another layer to the backstory, there appears to be an ongoing feud between the glamour model and Danielle.

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Are you keeping up?

Nicola McLean

Okay. So on Monday night, Channel 5 aired an episode which seemed to show the pair flirting with one another, having had a number of drinks.

The moment has sparked a huge reaction from viewers on social media, and for a number of reasons.

Of course, there’s the obvious problem that Nicola is a married woman. But, the way that the visibly drunk 35-year-old was treated by some of her fellow housemates has thrown some light on a very emotive and important issue.

Here’s where Calum Best also gets involved in the equation.

Calum Best

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You see, while Nicola and Jamie were getting cosy in the smoking area, Calum was watching the whole thing. And after seeing them share a kiss on the cheek, he repeatedly encouraged Jamie to ‘kiss her on the lips’ and let him ‘watch’.


This all went down after Jamie had poured wine from his own glass into Nicola’s empty one, despite the fact that she was ‘steaming’ (in their words) and told him not to.

Naturally, this kind of behaviour sparked quite a debate online, with many branding Calum and Jamie’s involvement ‘creepy’.

Reactions included:

The team who are looking after Nicola McLean’s Twitter account while she’s in the house praised James Jordan for helping her. It was the former Strictly Come Dancing star that encouraged Nicola to remove herself from the situation and go to bed.

The tweet read: ‘James is a proper gentleman & acted like a real friend to Nicola there. @The_OlaJordan has him well trained 😘😘’.

What do you think about this CBB moment?