Viewers Struggle With Call The Midwife’s Domestic Violence Scene

Ofcom are said to be investigating some complaints after last night's episode. But should this topic really be censored?

Viewers of BBC drama Call The Midwife seem to be struggling with scenes that were aired on last night’s show.

If social media is anything to go by, fans of the series found a domestic violence storyline pretty hard to stomach, with many pointing out that it was shown before the 9pm watershed.

The scene in question showed abusive husband Lester (James Farrar) shouting aggressively at his pregnant wife Trudy (Pearl Appleby).

He then grabbed her by the neck and stubbed a cigarette out on her chest. What’s more, the hard-hitting moment also included their son, Mickey, witnessing the ordeal.

Call The Midwife

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Viewers were clearly moved by the traumatic scene, taking to social media to share their emotional reactions.

Fan comments included: ‘Crikey this is hard hitting before the watershed #callthemidwife’ and ‘Look, we know domestic violence ain’t pretty but isn’t there still something called a watershed at 9pm #callthemidwife’.

Others, however, believe that such scenes shouldn’t be censored, as they raise awareness of a very important issue.

One wrote: ‘Right, so these complaints re #callthemidwife. Domestic violence isn’t pretty/fluffy. If the scenes help just 1 person they’ve done the job’.

Another tweeted: ‘Domestic violence does not have a watershed and #callthemidwife handled it with sensitivity and yet still realistic.’

We have to say, we see their point. Whilst hard to watch, domestic violence is a very real problem that needs to be spoken out.

If you or anyone that you know has been affected by domestic abuse of any kind, you can seek advice and support here.