Laverne Cox Opens Up About Caitlyn Jenner

Orange Is The New Black’s Laverne Cox has revealed how she really feels about Caitlyn Jenner’s influence on the transgender community. 

The American actress was the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy award for her talents, and is mostly known for her role of Sophia Burset on the popular Netflix series. 

The 31-year-old star is a vocal LGBT advocate and spokesperson, so it’s an important topic that’s very close to her heart. 

Laverne is a vocal humanitarian


Since Caitlyn Jenner’s very public transition, the world has watched and learned, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has certainly worked to use her influence for the good of the transgender community. 

Laverne agrees, giving praise for Caitlyn’s attempts to ‘represent’ the community. 

In an interview with The Talk, Laverne said: “It’s not about positive representation or negative representation, but diverse representation.

Laverne shared this photo on Instagram after Caitlyn’s famous speech


“When I think about Caitlyn’s story it’s so very different from mine. I transitioned in my 20s. Working class. Black.”

It goes without saying that every individual journey is different and personal. So it’s great to see two very different, and very vocal, women in the public eye sharing their stories and encouraging others to be true to themselves, paving their own way. 


Touching on Caitlyn’s unique position, Laverne added: “I think what is so beautiful is that she’s using her privilege to elevate the stories of other trans folks that don’t have the privilege that she does.”

Of course, Caitlyn has a vast audience, from her years as an Olympic athlete, as well as her colourful and most recent family life with Kris Jenner, which formed part of their hit reality show on E!

Now, Caitlyn has her own TV show, I Am Cait, documenting her own journey. Laverne previously showed her support to the star by attending an advance screening of this new series. 

Instagram: @LaverneCox


Laverne shared the moment on Instagram, captioning: “@caitlynjenner and I finally met in person at a special private advance screening of #IAmCait. #TransIsBeautiful #girlslikeus #caitlynjenner.”

And in case you haven’t heard, rumours are now flying around the world wide web that Caitlyn may be set to join the Orange Is The New Black cast. 

We’ll just have to watch that space… 

By Laura Jane Turner