Caggie Dunlop’s Date With Lawson’s Andy Brown: All The Details

Caggie Dunlop has been on a hot date with the gorgeous Andy Brown from Lawson.

Not jealous at all, Cags… not one teeny bit.

The former Made In Chelsea star, who is working on her debut album, cosied up to the boyband member at a gig in London last week and we’ve got exclusive details on what they got up to.

Our source says: “Caggie’s a huge fan of Andy’s band, and he gave her lots of advice about her upcoming album release.

“They went to see Jake Bugg perform on their first date, and were joined by Caggie’s cousin Alice and one of the other Lawson boys.”

MIC fans will remember Alice from the last series of Made In Chelsea, when she dated Oliver Proudlock. She also appears in the ad campaign for Caggie’s new clothing line, ISWAI (It Starts With An Idea).

The pair then headed off to London’s Mahiki nightclub, where they were spotted snogging!

But it seems Caggie won’t be using the ‘B’ word (boyfriend) in reference to Andy any time soon. Our source adds: “Caggie is off to Australia for a few weeks so isn’t really looking for a boyfriend.”

Ouch! Need someone else to lock lips with, Andy? We’re right here… RM