Caggie Dunlop Delivers A Big Blow To Spencer Matthews

Caggie Dunlop may be the only Made In Chelsea lady who has managed to keep Spencer Matthews interested for longer than six months, but that doesn’t mean she’s loving the lothario’s puppy-dog pandering…

In a new interview, the 24-year-old reality star admitted that she finds Spenny’s ongoing feelings towards her a little odd. ‘It’s very flattering but also quite overwhelming to know that his feelings have continued’, Caggie told Now magazine. ‘I’m sure he’d be very disappointed if we actually went out.’

The handsome hotel heir regularly gushes about his continued crush for his former MIC co-star and the fact that he’ll ‘definitely’ wed her one day – despite having apparently fallen in and out of love with both Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson (oh, and LA-squeeze Stephanie Pratt) since Cags left the E4 show.

But with the blonde stunner now dating a mystery Australian and feeling less than enamoured by Spencer’s over-the-top declarations, it looks like his dreams of bagging The One That Got Away are just that – dreams.

‘Once Spencer has put his mind to something, he has to get it’, she continued. ‘I think he has a fixation with me because it’s never quite gone the way he wants it to. Also, when his other relationships go wrong, he can blame it on the girls not being me. I’m his scapegoat!’

Such a wise, savvy lady. Sorry Spenny, but we’re not sure you’ll ever crack this one!

By Robyn Munson

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