One Of Today’s This Morning Guests Sparked A Debate On Twitter

After the This Morning guest explained that he allowed dogs and NOT children into his cafe, things got controversial on social media...

We’ve all sat in a cafe hoping to enjoy a civilised cup of coffee with your friends and a good old chin wag.

Chuck in a big slice of cake and you’ve got the dream, right?

In reality, you end up trying to shout over the background noise and have to navigate through a sea of children and buggies before you can find a seat.

While we know that not all children behave badly, one cafe owner has taken the plunge to say no children allowed.

During today’s This Morning Ruth and Eamonn spoke with their guest Bob Higginson who, despite banning children under 12, welcomes dogs into his cafe…

He owns The Chart Room in Brixham, Devonshire, and explained that ‘Children break things, dogs do not’.

Bob said: ‘We have had a few experiences where children have been a little bit noisy and distracting… We are just trying to create a quiet zone so people can sit and relax.’

Bob believes that those who visit his establishment deserve to enjoy some peace without children ‘running around and distracting them.’

When asked about his decision to allow dogs and not children Bob said: ‘I have never had a incident with a poorly behaved dog.’

Plus they have their own dog called Chester.

Several people on Twitter have said the idea that banning children is silly and immediately took offence to it.

One wrote: ‘As a parent of two young daughters I would be happy to spend my money elsewhere!’

Another said: ‘Find this hilarious! We are MORE than happy to keep our money or spend it somewhere more inviting & hygienic.’

However, some people quite liked the idea. Over 50%, in fact.

More than 9,000 people voted in This Morning’s poll on the subject – and 77% said they would still visit it.

Several people said that it sounded like heaven and would jump at the chance for some peace and quiet.

One Twitter user said: ‘Sounds perfect to me!!’, while another wrote: ‘My idea of heaven and I have a 4 year old child.’

What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts.

By Jessica Ransom