This Is Where You Can Buy Kate Middleton’s Favourite Wellies (Before They Sell Out)

Thanks to 'the Duchess Kate effect' we predict these will sell out, fast. Well, if they're good enough for Kate...

A royal fashion icon, it’s safe to say that Kate Middleton‘s sense of style is one we all love.

If you’re looking for classy and chic fashion inspiration, she’s your go-to gal. And that’s why it’s no real surprise that, if she’s spotted wearing something that’s available on the high street, it sells out fast – also known as ‘the Kate Middleton effect’.

From L.K. Bennet, Zara, Russell and Bromley and many more, Kate is no stranger to shopping at some of our favourite high street brands, as well as her designer names of choice.

The latest accessory that’s caught our attention? Kate’s wellies – or more specifically, Le Chameau’s Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boots. Pictures of the Duchess in her trusty wellington boots pretty much confirm that she can make anything look chic (sigh).

Kate Middleton wellies

The French brand has been making handcrafted, high quality rubber boots since 1927, so they’ve got more than enough experience to make boots that are fit for our future queen.

The Duchess has been spotted wearing the wellies out and about for various ‘outdoors-y’ events over the years, from Scout club visits to charity polo matches, and long walks with the family dog, Lupo (aww).

Kate Middleton wellies

It’s obvious that they’re a chic, comfortable and very practical choice for the Duchess (although we don’t think she’ll be wearing them to her sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding)! So, how much money are we talking if you want your own pair, we hear you ask?

In a classic olive green shade, the Vierzonord boots come at a fairly high price point of £170 – but hey, if they’re good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge herself then they must be worth the investment, am I right?

We now predict that these will sell out in 3, 2, 1…

By Lucy Abbersteen