The Scary Reason Why This X Factor Group Have Been Axed From The Show

Brooks Way have broken their social media silence after sensationally being axed from the show following allegations that Josh was abusive towards his ex girlfriend...

Saturday night’s The X Factor was a dramatic one, not least because one act was sensationally axed from the show.

The nation was left reeling after host Dermot O’Leary told viewers that one of Louis Walsh’s groups would miss their debut performance.

‘Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, Brooks Way will not be performing tonight’, Dermot announced on Saturday’s show.

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An X Factor spokesman then mysteriously followed up with this statement: ‘Due to the serious nature of the information which has come to light concerning one of Brooks Way, the group will not be performing in Saturday night’s show pending further inquiries.’

However, it’s since been revealed that Brooks Way have actually been axed from the show entirely, following shocking allegations from band-member Josh’s girlfriend, Amelia Clark, who claims he abused her.

The 18-year-old allegedly told The Sun that Josh had ‘beaten her black and blue’ during their four-year-romance, including an incident of a broken nose.

Brooks Way have now broken their silence on the frightening claims, with a tweet posted on Sunday that read: ‘Today, we have had a tough day with a false allegation. Don’t believe everything you read, both Amelia and Josh will be stating the truth’.

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They then followed up with a tweet simply saying: ‘The truth always wins.’

With Brooks Way now out of the competition, there’s been a lot of speculation around who could replace them – and top of the running seems to be Yes Lad, who soon had their own hashtag trending over the weekend: #BringBackYesLad.

The boys impressed the judges with their initial audition of ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by JT, and were a definite hit with viewers. Could they be taking Brooks Way’s place?

Only time will tell…