Can’t The World Just Accept That Brooklyn Beckham Has A LOT Of Gal Pals?

Another day, another dating rumour. Has anyone ever thought that *shock horror* Brooklyn Beckham might just like hanging out with girls?

Wait, who is Brooklyn Beckham dating now? *commences Google search*

Oh hang on, Anais Gallagher? Nah, that’s old news. They’ve been out together before. What’s happening with model Sofia Richie? That HAS to be a ‘thing’! Isn’t Brooklyn Beckham dating her right now???

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Honestly, these are the questions we as online writers find ourselves asking at least once a month, every time David and Victoria’s firstborn is papped looking friendly with a young lady. Since ending his relationship with actress Chloë Grace Moretz last year, budding photographer Brooklyn has been snapped out and about in the company of several girls — some celebrities in their own right, some with equally famous parents — and well, we’re kind of left scratching our heads.

Perhaps the question we SHOULD be asking ourselves is: why can’t a 17-year-old boy just have a lot of gal pals? Why can’t we accept that Brooklyn Beckham is a teenager with plenty of mates, and *hold the lights* some of them just happen to be female?

We (as girls) had tons of male BFs when we were younger, right? Gal pals, guy pals, we loved having the best of both worlds. It’s obvious that Brooklyn Beckham is enjoying the same.

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But let’s not forget the nationwide scandal after BB was pictured palling about with Rocco Ritchie’s alleged GF, model Kim Turnbull last November. Gasps ricocheted around offices. Aren’t Brooklyn and Rocco mates? How could he do that to his buddy? Guys, come on. Have we forgotten how incestuous teen friendship groups can be?

Sofia Richie Brooklyn Beckham

Sofia Richie and Brooklyn Beckham out and about in London

Now, we accept that Brooklyn Beckham (and his love life) is a matter of public interest to some. Growing up in the celebrity spotlight would have prepared Master Beckham for instances where his romantic trysts might be scrutinised, however, suggesting that any brunch/gig/casual encounter he spends with someone of the opposite sex is in fact a dating scoop is well, a little exhausting.

Can’t we just let Brooklyn Beckham be a teenager – with *mic drop* female friends?

Is that really such an impossible concept to grasp? Discuss.