Are Brooklyn Beckham And Chloe Moretz Back Together?

The teenagers have been teasing us on social media…

Could one of our fave young love couples be getting back together? If Brooklyn Beckham’s Instagram is anything to go by then MAYBE.

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Brooklyn posted a very cryptic black and white image of a beach with a blonde head just in shot. The pic is captioned. “Can’t wait till may.”


Brooklyn Beckham dated Chloe Moritz from May 2016

The simple photo has sent Beckham’s fans into a spin, wondering whether he is in fact alluding to a reunion with ex-girlfriend Chloe Moretz!

The reason behind the speculation isn’t just that the hair on the head in the pic is similar to Chloe’s, you’ll be glad to hear. No, Chloe herself LIKED the pic and commented with a half-moon emoji.

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We have no idea what a half-moon might mean to Brooklyn but his fans are very keen to share their opinions…

Brooklyn Beckham Confirms His And Chloe Moretz's Romance With A Cute Instagram Snap, 2016

With comments like, “Well…turns out they are still together all these time. My guess is that they took a break for Brooklyn to focus on his study” it’s fair to say Chloe/Brooklyn fans would be happy if the genetically blessed pair got in on all over again.

As would we! Brookyln 4 Chloe <3