Brooklyn Beckham and Lily Allen Just Broke The Law

Have you spotted anyone riding a swegway recently?

Kind of like a mashup between a traditional segway and a skateboard, swegways are 2015’s trendiest way to get around town. The boards are battery powered and move in response to the pressure from your feet. Taking a serious amount of balance, maneuvering on the board is quite the core workout.

As one of 2015’s hottest pieces of new tech, the celebs have naturally jumped on the bandwagon. Lily Allen, Brooklyn Beckham and Justin Bieber are all fans.

Lily Allen was spotted zipping around on one in LA back in July and more recently was photographed in London on a board with a phone and cigarette in hand, natch. Preferring the IO Hawk, the star’s board of choice is a hefty £1185.

Plus, this weekend Brooklyn Beckham shared an arty black and white video to his 4.6 million Instagram following of him riding his light-up Wiz board. Wearing an oversized camo jacket and a bandana the Beckham’s oldest son showed off his tricks on the board outside a London corner shop.

Brooklyn Beckham Brooklyn Beckham shows off his Swegway skills

However, this may be the last we see of the celebs riding these overpriced toys as it is actually illegal to ride them on UK pavements. Going up to a speed of 12mph, swegways are technically motor vehicles and therefore banned on public footpaths like pavements according to ‘Section 72 of the Highway Act 1835’.

If you thought you could get round the ruling by riding the swegways on the road instead, think again. To ride a motor vehicle on the road it needs to be registered for tax purposes and you would need both a license and insurance. All pretty unlikely. Unfortunately then, the only place you can ride these boards is in your back garden.

While no one has been arrested yet, you’re probably best sticking to the bus…

By Elizabeth Bennett