Who’s Done With Being In The Kardashian Family?

Fun fact: every four seconds, someone in the world mentions the Kardashians.

It’s happening very now, this very moment. In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading this very article, 453 people will have spoken the Kardashian name into existence. Probably.

But one person who’s not down with discussing the pop-culture phenomenas and reality TV stars is a member of their own family.

Brody Jenner – step-brother and half-brother to all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, has reportedly tried to disassociate himself with the family altogether after an outburst at Coachella. 

The 32-year-old reportedly shouted to festivalgoers, They’re not my f***ing family!’ according to the New York Post.



Brody at Coachella with a Kylie look-alike…

It’s hardly come as a surprise, though.

Brody has a enjoyed a tenuous relationship with his half-sisters (Kendall and Kylie, with whom he shares Caitlyn Jenner as a parent) and Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, who were his step-sisters when Caitlyn and Kris were married. (Confused yet?)

When Kim got hitched in 2014, she famously didn’t give Brody a plus-one invite to her nuptials with Kanye, which reportedly angered Brody.

In happier times, perhaps…


And Caitlyn’s son also rubbed the clan up the wrong way a couple of years back when he spoke about Kendall and Kylie’s sex lives (when they were underage).

‘Do you seriously think they don’t know what’s up? They could teach me things!’ Brody said to The Mirror, before saying the sisters knew a lot about ‘taboo subjects’ because of their older sisters. ‘I mean, look at their older sisters… Are you kidding me?’ he asked.

Hmm. Here’s hoping we won’t be hearing anymore from Brody on ‘family’ matters…


By Georgina Lawton