There Was One Problem With The BRITs, Says Twitter

After that Adele sound drama at the Grammys, there was always going to be a lot of scrutiny come BRITs night. 

So it was hardly surprising that viewers were quick to call out what they believed to be bad sound issues during the British awards show. 

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This year’s event boasted some pretty big names on the line-up, including the Biebs, Adele’s powerful pipes, a Rihanna grinding on a Drake, the Little Mix ladies, James Bay and Coldplay.

But not everyone was impressed. 

Taking to Twitter, the audience at home was pretty vocal about the apparent ‘tuning issues’. 

One wrote about Coldplay’s performance, ‘Is it just me, or is that out of tune? My ears hurt…’ Yikes. 

Another read, ‘so the same sound guy from the grammys is shegging the #BRITs too?’

But not everyone agreed. One tweet praised the show, saying, ‘Hey @TheGRAMMYs you should learn a lesson from @brits perfect show, perfect performances, no sound troubles, and short speeches…’

Oh come on, guys.

Both the Grammys AND the BRITs remain two of our favourite dates in our diaries…