Britney Spears Has Totally Rocked This New Shoot

Britney Spears is BACK. 

As the world counts down to the release of her new album, the pop legend has celebrated her next career move in the best possible way. Yup, with one killer photo shoot.

Taking the cover of V Magazine for their 100th anniversary issue, shot by Mario Testino, Brit’ has opened up about her change of direction. She explains of her new music, ‘It’s not what you would think at all’.

Hmm. We guess we’ll have to wait and see what she means by that one. 

>Instagram: @BritneySpears"> Mario Testino / V Magazine / Instagram: @BritneySpears


The star’s new pictures don’t seem to be what a lot of people expected, either. 

There’s no denying that she looks HOT. We mean, just look at her bod’.  

But when the 34-year-old shared the pictures on Instagram, she was met with quite a few comments about how ‘different’ she looks. 

The comments included: ‘Barely looks like her’, ‘OMG you look so different’ and another read ‘It doesn’t really look like her. But we can all tell its the one and only Miss Britney Spears’.

We think she looks INCREDIBLE. Way to bring that fire, lady. 

Most agreed, with another fan gushing, ‘You look amazing!’

> Mario Testino / V Magazine / Instagram: @BritneySpears


Britney spoke about dealing with other’s opinions of her in the interview, reflecting that it’s all just a part of being in the public eye.

She said, ‘Whoever is in the spotlight, people are really quick to judge. I mean, there are a lot of kids coming up who’ve experienced that. You know, Justin Bieber, he’s huge, and he experiences that. It’s just the way the world works, unfortunately.

‘I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I kind of don’t pay attention to it. I have my relationship with God and myself and that’s what matters to me. I really don’t care what most people think.’ 

Another comment on Britney’s Instagram said, ‘she is really really really back now!’ 

Yup. And we’re so happy about it.