Did Britney Spears Just Respond To Katy Perry’s Grammy Comments?

The Dark Horse singer upset a lot of people with what she said on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards...

A lot of things came out of this year’s Grammy Awards, but one of the most talked about (after Beyoncé and Adele‘s love-in, obvs) was Katy Perry’s apparent shade-throwing at Britney Spears.

The singer ‘joked’ – on two separate occasions during the night – that the only hairstyle she hasn’t tried yet is a shaved head. She then went on to link said hairstyle to having a meltdown.

Katy Perry at the Grammys 2017

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Of course, it didn’t take too long for people to think about the time that Britney shaved her head back in 2007. And that’s when the #KatyPerryIsOverParty started happening on social media, with many accusing the star of making fun of Britney.

Now, though, many believe that the Hit Me Baby One More Time singer has responded. And, if true, she’s done so in the best way possible.

The pop icon has taken to Twitter and Instagram to share a Bible verse with her followers, alongside an image of two hands – making up a heart – in front of a sunset.

The 35-year-old wrote: ‘Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart ❤️ Luke 6:45’.

Of course, there’s nothing specific to say that Britney is aiming her words at Katy, but that hasn’t stopped fans from making the connection.

Perez Hilton responded to the pop legend to exclaim: ‘QUEEN OF SHADE!!’

Other comments included: ‘keeping it classy ❤’, ‘wow shading katy through a bible verse, holy queen’ and ‘what a classy way to put someone in their place!!!!’

Katy Perry

This comes just days after Katy is said to have thrown shade at Britney.

E!‘s Ryan Seacrest quizzed her on her break from making music, saying: ‘There was a pause in the music for a little while…’

Katy jumped in,  ‘Yeah that’s called taking care of your mental health.’

When asked how that worked out for her, she replied: ‘Fantastic! And I haven’t shaved my head yet.’