The BGT Error That Left Our Hearts In Our Mouths

Tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent didn’t go without a hitch, as one of the acts had a nasty accident mid-performance.

The Togni Brothers are know for their impressive foot juggling, but tonight things didn’t go exactly to plan as one of them fell during the live semi-finals on ITV this evening.

During one of their tricks, Michael was in the middle of flipping partner Dario into the air in multuple spins when Dario wobbled, slipped and fell right into Michael.

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> The Togni Brothers are known for their foot-spinning antics


Eep. Total hand over the eyes moment.

Thankfully, both men were total pros, and quickly stood up, smiled and started the trick again – receiving much praise from the judges. 

‘That’s what happens on live TV sometimes’, Simon Cowell said afterwards. ‘I wouldn’t say it went wrong – a little bit of a slip – it showed you had guts and in a weird way it made the whole act more exciting.’

And Twitter completely agreed. Commenting during the nail-biting moment, one viewer wrote: ‘#bgt #tognibrothers my heart stopped when they fell. but still brilliant!’

> The duo took a nasty tumble in the middle of their complicated routine


‘Fair play to #TogniBrothers for getting back up and doing their thing’, another said.

Whilst another viewer said that the way the pair handled the mishap only made them more likeable. ‘Massive respect to the @BGT #TogniBrothers loved the companionship and the recovery! Think that actually worked in their favour.’

There was another reason why the whole of Twitter was talking about the Togni Brothers, too – and once you’ve seen this hilarious screengrab, you’ll understand what we mean.

> Bit of a height difference, eh lads?


‘How small does @antanddec look next to the #tognibrothers’, questioned one BGT fan.

‘Are the #tognibrothers giants or are @antanddec shorter than short?’ asked another.

Teehee. Well done, fellas.